Hipster Juice…A.K.A. Coffee

Is Hipster Juice going mainstream? Blue Bottle, the Oakland based coffee chain has 26 million reasons to think so. As reported by VentureBeat.com. This artisanal, read hipster, coffee chain just got a boatload… Continue reading

“Hipster Beach”

Do you think Hipster’s are a bad thing? Does your community have a beach? No. Bring in the Hipsters and all things are possible. HipsterBoner’s creative directors are goin to be in Silver… Continue reading

Best Hipster Defense Article Yet!

I don’t know you but as a celebrator of Hipster Culture, I appreciate the effort and risk you’ve taken. Your word artistry and continued denial of your own hipsterness are charming in a… Continue reading

Vanity Fair shouldn’t write about Hipsters

Because it’s fucking Vanity Fair. But they still posted this completely passive aggressive “Quiz” about a local coffee drinker. And while the coffee drinker may have been as ridiculous as described there is… Continue reading

American Hipster Psycho via Denham The Jeanmaker

Links with the word Hipster in them.

  Scientists find the first Hipster! – Warning some science involved…seriously. Hipster NFL Logos – Because it’s not just about skinny jeans, flannel & mustaches. Love Your Inner Hipster – Warning serious introspection ahead.… Continue reading

Hipsters Drinking Beer

  Check out the new Nacho Punch video…

Patton Oswald, Downtown HIpsters, Seinfeld

  Click the image and watch the video at Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee or check out HuffPo-LA’s review below to learn How to be an LA Hipster…   We can’t do it… Continue reading

Texas Is a Hipster-Wasteland

Find the above image of Houston as a wallpaper here. Least Hipster Top 10: 10. Dallas, TX 9.   Indianapolis, IN 8.   San Antonio, TX 7.   Memphis, TN 6.   Charlotte,… Continue reading

Speaking of PBR…

  Check out PBRArt.com and see all sweet art people have done to immortalize PBR. Time to Drink & Draw Hipsters!

Hippest of Beers, but Who Will Be Next?

PBR is the great hipster beer by pretty much all accounts? Why? And what will the next great Hipster beer be? Brad Tuttle (@bradtuttle) of Time’s Business & Money section did an in… Continue reading

8 Things the HuffPo thinks you (The Hipster Male) will do in 2014.

Millenials = Hipsters now.  Original article and all details @HuffPost. Click link above hipster. 1. Engage in a Love Affair with Facial Hair 2. Opt for Organic Dark Chocolate to Get Weight Off,… Continue reading

What makes a font “Hipster?”

    What the f’ing F makes a font more “Hipster” than another? Are they too cool for school? Are they fonts you’ve never even heard of before? Are they only visible on… Continue reading

Hipsters Accused of Mouse Murder…

Today we stumbled on this article from the Daily Mail-London about the newest “Hipster” Craze – Rodent Taxidermy. No we’re not f’ing kidding. Not sure why this is a Hipster only hobby. It… Continue reading

Get Deep Hipster. Hipster Christians?

Thou shalt not judge, lest ye be judged, unless it involves the newest Arcade Fire album…Hipster’s get religious. Excerpt below from Janaki Challa (NPR, Seattle): The heart of the matter, says Brett McCracken,… Continue reading

Retire “Hipster”? NEVER! or Never?

Vice Magazine wants us to retire the word “Hipster.” REVOLT! or Revolt? Click the link for full article – Excerpt below: (written by Dan Ozzi, Vice Magazine) Hey, have you heard this joke?: How… Continue reading

The Original Hipster

Hipster Couple of the Year?

They say this guy is a bank robber…and a hipster.

Why would you whack a hipster?

      “Ever felt the urge to ‘Whac-A-Hipster?’” asks multi-billion dollar international car company Toyota, which invites music fans at Voodoo to “live our their hipster-whacking fantasies” at the Prius Family Playground. I… Continue reading

Hipsters don’t exist

A.J. Barbosa a student in Kansas blows your mind with the news that Hipsters…wait for it…DON’T EXIST! HOLY BALLS. Excerpt below: Check out the whole store HERE. Everyone and their grandmother hates hipsters.… Continue reading

Was the Duck Man a Hipster? You tell us.

Is the Uke the most Hipster instrument since the recorder? Neutral Uke Hotel.

Check out Neutral Uke Hotel. Check out more on NUK at hipsterjew.com

Oh man, oh Hipster man

I don’t even know what to say about this photo found on DeathAndTaxes.com. Just click on it to go there and find out about Hipster Taxidermy. Oh man.  

Forbes.com Hipster List just got SERVED!

A response to the Forbes Hipster Neighborhood list on WashingtonCityPaper.com. Get your hashtag’s ready for #politicohipster. In Will Sommer’s words from the WCP: Internet Baffled by H Street’s “Politico Hipster” Posted by Will Sommer on… Continue reading